Course Abstract
Learn how to build and sustain your practice performance without burning people out.

Consistent, elite levels of high performance are expected within the legal industry. Yet, consistent elite performance is typically misunderstood. There is a fine line between consistent expected levels of high performance and unanticipated burnout. 

Consistent high performance is a paradox of the past. Sustainable performance is the paradigm of the future. Build the mindset, the motivation, and be introduced to a method that is guaranteed to take your practice to another level, in a way that is sustainable. 

At this session you will leave with: 
•    A sense of clarity, calmness and conviction to pioneer into the future 
•    An understanding of how balancing physical, mental and emotional energy levels is vital to building and sustaining practice performance 
•    Practical tools to build and sustain your practices’ energy levels every day 
•    Six principles you can immediately adopt in your practice to embed the foundations of sustainable performance

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1 hour
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Audio with slides
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Jeremy Watkins, The Barefoot Leader
AUD $99.00
AUD $99.00