Empowering Practice Managers
Course Abstract
ALPMA webinar recorded 28 July 2020

If the legal practitioners are the brain and limbs of a law firm, the Practice Managers would be the heart / circulatory system; delivering services to the ‘body’ to ensure effective and efficient client service.

In this presentation, speaker Ben Deverson, Founder and Director of Lawganised will provide practical examples of the how Practice Managers can position themselves to become leaders of their firm and considered a peer of the Partners.

Participants will be provided with discussion focusing on

  • An anecdote from the presenter on becoming a partner of a firm as a non-lawyer;
  • Developing clear goal posts for Partners and Practice Managers on who does what and ‘staying in your lane’;
  • Practice Managers coaching their own teams to move perception from ‘support staff’ to ‘trusted advisors’;
  • Getting and keeping a ‘seat at the table’ and making an effective executive contribution, and
  • Communicating in a way to make life easier.

Participants will leave with practical strategies to implement change in their roles including:

  • Being clear on who does what in their firm and their own role in that.
  • Communicating with legal firm partners in a way to make life easier, and
  • Ensuring Practice Managers and their staff have their value increased by becoming trusted advisors and ‘professionals’ in their area of expertise.
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Course Level
CPD: Practice Management & Business Skills
Course Duration
1 hour/unit
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Webinar recording
Course Provider
Ben Deverson, Lawganised
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Jul 2020
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Professional Skills
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AUD $37.00