Communicate Smarter, Not Harder
Course Abstract
Webinar recorded 23 June 2020. CPD = 1.25 points/units - Professional Skills

We are swimming in an ocean of constant communication. Zoom calls, emails, text messages, newsletters, webinars, Facebook messages, WhatsApp messages, more Zoom calls, news feeds… the list goes on!

And so, the challenge for today’s leader is twofold:

  • Communicating in ways that cut through - rather than simply getting lost in the noise
  • Finding ways to lessen the load of communication - both for yourself and your team.

In this practical session, author and coach Simon Dowling will share his tips for making your team's communication more efficient and effective. 

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Course Level
CPD: Professional Skills
Course Duration
1.25 hours/unit
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Video with slides
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Simon Dowling
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Jun 2020
Professional Skills
Professional Skills
AUD $79.00
AUD $79.00