Change Leadership in Law Firms
Course Abstract
Louise Geoghegan, Co-Founder of Fold7, will explore change leadership as a distinct capability and not just an extension of the discipline of change management. Rather, it’s a capability that is essential across every discipline when you are going through a period of transformational change.

Change leadership is now an essential safeguard because every business is in the business of change. There is a difference between good leadership and change leadership. Knowing the difference, and ensuring your leaders have the capability to be great change leaders, will essentially determine whether you are successful through change, or not. 

Understanding the difference, finding individual motivation and leveraging normal mechanisms to influence people to move through change and develop those impacted by the change is now considered by many the most important skill-set for all leaders.

Change isn’t as easy as you think 

There is an abundance of evidence that most change initiatives fail to provide the outcomes sought. One mistake that many make is to just deploy Change Management as a substitute for Change Leadership. Success requires the presence of skilled change leaders 

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1 hour
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Video with slides
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Louise Geoghegan, Co-Founder, Fold7
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AUD $99.00