2021: Get back in the performance zone
Course Abstract
ALPMA webinar recorded 16 February 2021 CPD: 1 unit/hour - Professional Skills

The current working environment is the most difficult we have seen. Staff are facing the challenges of working from home, the stress and worry for their health and well-being, and juggling their commitments between work and family.

We need a renewed focus on self-management to help people be as effective as possible in their jobs, look after themselves physically, mentally and emotionally, and make sure they have ample work life balance.

While workplaces have been great at implementing initiatives to keep people connected, staff need the skills to be more focussed, balanced and resilient.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the science of high performance, how it's related to stress and why sometimes we perform at our best and at other times we don't - in all aspects of our lives
  • Connecting to what's important and building clarity about what makes you most valuable
  • Understanding why we find balance so difficult
  • How to structure your day and manage your energy for maximum effect
  • Strategies for remaining motivated and resilient through trying economic times
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Course Level
CPD: Professional Skills
Course Duration
1 hour/unit
Course Type
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Webinar recording
Course Provider
Tony Wilson
Course Added Date
Feb 2021
Professional Skills
Professional Skills
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AUD $99.00