ALPMA is run by volunteer State Branch Committees, supported by local Secretariats and led by the National Board.

The role of a Branch Committee Member is to help implement ALPMA's national strategies and actively participate in the growth of our membership, partnership and learning and development program at a Branch level. Being part of the Branch Committee offers professional and personal development opportunities within both your local region and on an international scale.

ALPMA Branches include: VIC/TAS | NSW/ACT | QLD/NT | SA WA | NZ

Our volunteers are our greatest asset

As a not-for-profit membership association ALPMA relies on member support to drive local initiatives.

Volunteering is a great way to enrich your ALPMA membership, deepen your ties across the industry, and make sure ALPMA continues to deliver the innovative services and programs you want.

This year is different. It's time for regional areas to shine!

Whilst this is shaping up to be a challenging year, it is also a great year to try new things, connect in different ways and support members as best we can. So if you have thought about getting involved and giving back, this is a great year to do so. 

In particular, with location no longer a barrier, if you are in a regional area or a location that is under represented locally, now is a great time to get involved too.

What does it take to sit on a Branch Committee?

Generally speaking, your commitment would be one, two (2) hour online meeting per month plus some individual actions items, as required, between meetings. Each Committee is fully supported by a dedicated Secretariat and the ALPMA National team. If you are interested, but would like to speak further to a current Branch Member first, please let us know or reach out directly to your local Committee: VIC/TAS | NSW/ACT | QLD/NT | SA WA | NZ

We welcome and encourage our members to get involved and help drive the future of ALPMA