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Law firms with a focus on corporate clients are increasingly looking to advanced techniques to leverage relationships for business growth, and to nurture key contacts to remain top of mind in client business decision making.

Law firms are learning that their Matter Management Systems and legacy CRMs are limiting their ability to make use of new digital marketing software, stifling innovation in communications. At the same time, Partners and BDMs need to know which clients require their attention, and how well their accounts are performing.

To underpin your growing legal practice you may need to reassess your digital infrastructure, your customer relationship management and electronic digital marketing. Argo Logic works with law firms to ensure systems of engagement and client journeys are at industry best-practice.

We work with industry leading solutions from Salesforce to bring to an integrated marketing and business development suite that is free from shackles and delivering outcomes the way you need it to.


Paul Rupil, ArgoLogic
Paul Rupil
General Manager at ArgoLogic
Paul Rupil is the General Manager of Argo Logic. Argo Logic provide services to improve client engagement and internal workflow; specialise in financial services and law; and is an implementation partner of Salesforce, a system integrator, and a trusted advisor to its many clients.

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