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Embracing new technologies such as ChatAI will give lawyers more time to add value through your expertise to deliver the best possible service for clients.

Technology is constantly making strides is the legal industry, streamlining operations and increasing efficiency. The current tech buzz is around using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve legal practice. One such technology is ChatAI, a large language model that can provide a multitude of benefits to a law practice.

Here are some ways that ChatAI can be adapted to help law firms:

  • Automate routine tasks, such as drafting legal documents, responding to client inquiries, and conducting legal research. By automating these processes, legal professionals can focus on higher-value tasks, such as providing legal advice and representation.
  • Improve the accuracy of legal documents and research. AI can analyse vast amounts of data and supply precise and relevant information quickly. This can help lawyers make informed decisions and provide better advice to their clients.
  • Respond to client inquiries 24/7 and improve client satisfaction and lead to more business for the firm.
  • Legal work is centred around the meticulous preparation of documents and the effective communication of information with clients, peers, and colleagues. ChatGPT is a powerful tool with significant benefits to speed up and improve document preparation and communication. Create precedent templates in minutes, assemble documents and briefs with a few words of instruction, to produce documents or communication with added flair and personalisation, without extra effort or time.

I’m sure you are thinking, you need to be a tech nerd or have lots of time and money to bring ChatAI into your law firm. Not true!

Intelligent Authoring

cabenet integrated legal practice software has introduced Intelligent Authoring (IA our adaption of ChatAI) into our Quick Document Builder Add-in for Microsoft Office.

To prepare a letter or document, just say or type a few words on the purpose, preferred style, and recipients, and ask cabenet’s IA to author a draft. Now quickly edit, add, or attach additional information using your knowledge and expertise and you are done.

Or, start with an existing precedent or document and ask cabenet IA to provide suggestions for redrafting that emulates your preferred writing style. Or, create compelling marketing materials to attract new clients.

The power of IA is only limited by the ingenuity of how it is employed to bolster legal practice, communication, and productivity. Through the utilization of AI, lawyers can perform their duties more efficiently and provide a higher quality of service to their clients.

Embracing new technologies will give lawyers more time to add value through your expertise to deliver the best possible service for clients.

This article was drafted by our IA Add-in and enhanced by its human friends at

For an online demonstration of cabenet integrated practice management software – now with IA (Intelligent Authoring) visit or contact us at


Cabenet AI and Deborah Gifford
Deborah is the Marketing and Business Development Director at cabenet.

Cabenet provides cloud-based legal accounting and integrated practice management software that revolutionizes the legal tech industry.  Our powerful, end-to-end matter and legal practice management, scalability, and affordability make us an ideal choice for any law firm.

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