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It’s time to envision a world without passwords. In fact, it’s time to make that world a reality.

LastPass is excited to announce passwordless login to the LastPass vault through the LastPass Authenticator for individuals and businesses.

Once you pair LastPass Authenticator to your LastPass vault, you’ll be able to enjoy one-tap login that’s password-free, which means no more master password to access your vault.

Longer-term, LastPass is actively building FIDO2 compliant components and supporting authentication mechanisms, such as biometric face and fingerprint ID and the addition of hardware security keys, like YubiKey. That passwordless offering will be added later this year – so stay tuned!

Today, though, LastPass is making passwordless a reality through the LastPass Authenticator app.

Whether you use LastPass to keep your personal or professional credentials safe, let’s look at the advantages of a passwordless login experience, and how to get and end-to-end experience sooner using LastPass.

Maximum security, minimal effort

If you’re new to passwordless or perhaps heard of it but still want to learn more, then you’ve come to the right place! LastPass is currently the only password manager with passwordless login to the vault.

With passwordless, simply set it and forget it while gaining seamless access to your vault and the dozens or hundreds of sites stored within.

If easier access and better security seem too good to be true, read on to learn just how passwordless gets it done.

Increased adoption

Password-related friction is a major barrier to usage and adoption of any technology or tool. When people are juggling up to 50 online accounts, they want to quickly access the applications and credentials they need the most. With a passwordless login experience, instantaneously access your vault without ever having to enter a password.

Better productivity

In a recent LastPass survey, nearly three-quarters of IT admins said their organization required a password reset every three months. When passwords are removed from the login equation, you’ll no longer waste time having to reset your passwords, and IT teams will no longer spend hours helping employees regain access and resolve mundane issues.

Stronger security

Ninety-two percent of people know that reusing a password comes with risks but nearly two-thirds of those people do it anyway. Using the same password for multiple accounts means that a potential hacker has one viable key to many doors. The fewer passwords you use, the less likely your highly valuable data risks being exposed on the dark web.

Take one small step for passwordless

Once you’ve set up passwordless login to your vault with the LastPass Authenticator, you won’t need your master password again, unless for account-related changes. Spend less time on passwords and more time on what really matters.

Passwordless is possible. Gain passwordless access to your LastPass vault with the LastPass Authenticator today — available to all Personal and Business users at no additional cost.

More About LastPass

New to LastPass? Sign up today (it’s easy!) and try passwordless for free.

Long-time LastPass user but new to passwordless? Make sure you have the LastPass Authenticator app to experience password-free login.

Want your business to go passwordless? Try it for yourself, then enable it for your employees.

Find out more about a passwordless future from our recent webinar What is the Passwordless future? hosted by LastPass, which is available now on-demand.


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