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Law firms that are working to help consumers navigate their challenges exist in a competitive environment, where new clients have access to a variety of options at any time of day to get their dispute rolling.

Clients are seeking understanding from the firm they connect to, and a path forward. Law firms should be able to handle the volume of enquiries without over-stretching Reception, the Client Care team, the Fee Earners and their supervising Partners. All of this can’t be managed effectively on spreadsheets and emails at scale.

When bottlenecks appear it is important to evaluate if things can be improved.

Argo Logic works with law firms to address workflow challenges, bringing certainty to how new client enquiries are handled. We can integrate phones, live chat, SMS, email and existing systems to a Customer Relationship Management system that will guide the team on what needs to happen next, what qualifying questions need to be asked, or for a client to directly book an appointment. There are many options to choose from when improving your processes – it is important to start the conservation with an experienced CRM consultant to help you choose.


Paul Rupil, ArgoLogic
Paul Rupil
General Manager at ArgoLogic
Paul Rupil is the General Manager of Argo Logic. Argo Logic provide services to improve client engagement and internal workflow; specialise in financial services and law; and is an implementation partner of Salesforce, a system integrator, and a trusted advisor to its many clients.

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