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In Episode 8 of our Employment Law for the Time Poor podcast, Erin McCarthy and Emily Haar discuss the current COVID-19 situation through the lens of the work health and safety (WHS) obligations.

The second in the two-part series on COVID-19 and workforce management by Piper Alderman, this episode goes through a structured workplace safety framework for assessing what can and should be done to manage the risks associated with the novel coronavirus, not just for direct employees, but also the broader general public who might interact with your business. It takes the regulatory regime for workplace safety as the basis for developing a practical management plan to implement effective and realistic (and legally sound) workforce management steps.

Listen to part one: Is your business prepared for the employment law consequences of COVID-19?

Source: Piper Alderman, published on the ALPMA website with permission.

More at the Piper Alderman COVID-19 Resource Hub


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