Cyber risk for law firms
Course Abstract
A specialist online course developed by Law & Cyber on Cyber Risk for Law Firms. The CPD-eligible course focuses on cyber risk in the context of legal duties such as duties of confidentiality, fiduciary duties, trustees’ duties, and the Privacy Act.

Legal practices are targets for cyberattacks

Cybercrime is predicted to lead to the biggest transfer of wealth in human history. In Australia cyber security incidents have been estimated to cost businesses up to $29 billion per year. Legal practices are attractive targets because they act on high value funds transfers, hold confidential and sensitive information.

Cyber criminals now target businesses via their people

More than 90% of cyber attacks are launched via an email, which means that people are now either a business’s weakest link or their strongest resource in resisting cyber attacks. While education is vital, a key challenge for law firms is achieving employee engagement because of the commonly held belief that cyber risk is the responsibility of the IT department only.

For behavioural change to occur education needs to be practical, engaging and compelling. The more relevant, contextual and industry- specific the training scenarios, the more participants will understand "this could actually happen to me".

Our course presents accounts of lawyers and law firm employees impacted by cyber events. For more information please see:

Course synopsis

Our CPD-eligible course focuses on cyber risk in the context of legal duties such as duties of confidentiality, fiduciary duties, trustees’ duties, and the Privacy Act. The course covers:

  • Cybercrime impacting business today

  • Impersonation fraud
  • Phishing
  • Use of email to compromise other accounts
  • Breached passwords and weak log-in credentials ⏤ Data theft, identity fraud and the dark web
  • Ransomware and other malicious software ⏤ Human error.

Course structure

  • The course takes just over one hour to complete and is divided into 10 concise chapters that participants complete at their own pace.

  • Each chapter contains one or two videos of around five minutes each.

  • There are four short quizzes throughout the course to check learnings and one downloadable PDF containing key takeaways.
  • A certificate of completion is provided.
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Practice Management and Business Skills
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1 hour/unit
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Law and Cyber
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Aug 2021
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