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Benchmark your Firm's Remuneration in 2019

Ensure your remuneration strategy is not only competitive, but working for you.

In April 2019, 312 law firms (representing 10,876 staff) participated in our Australian survey and 100 law firms (representing 2,741 staff) within our New Zealand survey, making both reports the most comprehensive, independent HR and remuneration study (including actual salaries paid) within the Australasian legal industry.

Key information within each report (AUS & NZ)
In these comprehensive reports (80+ pages) you will find key information that will allow you to benchmark your firm against similar firms across Australasia. 

  • Compare your Firms remuneration to actual salaries paid for 40/65+ legal, managerial and administrative positions - broken down by state/region & size of firm.
  • Find out if salaries differ based on area of practice and firm size/location and compare your practice areas remunerations.
  • For regional law firms find out if regional salaries differ to CBD salaries and if so, by how much….have you got the difference right? *NEW* to the Australian Report
  • Find out if your employment benefits and bonuses offered are above/below typical offerings.
  • Compare your bonus structures and benchmark your actual bonus amounts paid across different positions.
  • Compare your employment arrangements  - do you have the right mix of part-time, contract, casual and full-time workers.
  • Compare your key staffing ratios to measure your firm’s productivity and performance.
  • Find out how your staff turnover ratios for lawyers and support staff compare to 312 law firms within Australia and 100 law firms within New Zealand.
  • Remain competitive and find out the anticipated salary increases and law firm recruitment intentions for the next 12 months.
  • Find out if the main HR issues and challenges facing your law firm are the same as those being experienced by most law firms in 2019/20.
  • Find out how you rank on diversity and inclusion programs, including gender equality programs and see the results of 2018 gender pay gap analyses conducted across various firm sizes – what is the likelihood your firm has a gender pay gap?
  • Find out what additional paid parental leave entitlements are being offered to primary and non-primary care givers and typical return to work arrangements post parental leave. How do you compare? *NEW to both reports
  • For firms with Patent Attorney’s find out the typical salaries on offer and compare your remuneration. *NEW to the Australian Report

Create a competitive, proactive remuneration & talent sourcing strategy and answer with confidence:

  • Have you benchmarked your Firms salaries, bonuses, benefits and incentives recently?
  • Are you doing all you can to win the war on talent and retain your quality staff?
  • Do you know how you compare with your competitors and are you confident with your Firms offering?

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2019 Australian Salary & HR Issues Survey - Infographic

2019 Australian Survey Infographic

2019 New Zealand Salary & HR Issues Survey - Infographic

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