Webinar: Making it easier to interact with your clients

1:00pm Thursday, 25 February 2021
2:00pm Thursday, 25 February 2021
Online via webinar
This webinar will take place 1.00pm AEDT .

Despite a difficult year for businesses, 2020 saw a heightened appetite to change, adopt, improve and update in order to stay connected and thrive. The legal profession was no exception, whether that be adoption of new technology to streamline remote working through to virtual court sessions. No longer was there a doubt as to ‘why’ change, but rather a focus on ‘why not’. 
As a technology provider, we experienced more firms not only adopting a new software platform (like FilePro) but more importantly, investing upfront in a comprehensive change program encompassing processes, workflow, client service, payments, staff training and risk management.
In 2021, we are confident that this trend will continue. Legal teams will continue to explore options to enable the practice to focus on building and adding value to client relationships. This drive for value adding aligns the delivery of legal services to best practice businesses in any other sector.
Join Todd and Garth to explore ways to use the latest software (from a range of providers) to streamline and add value to your client interactions. Ultimately, delivering a more rewarding experience for your teams and clients.

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Todd Keeler, Director/CEO, FilePro


Garth Brown, Business Development Manager, FilePro


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Fiona Croswell - L&D Manager

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