Representing Your Brand Through Your People

12:30pm Tuesday, 15 October 2019
2:00pm Tuesday, 15 October 2019
Macquarie Bank Conference Room
Mezzanine Floor, 240 St Georges Terrace
Perth, Western Australia 6000
In today’s market, it’s crucial to elevate the professional profiles of your people and give them the personal brand confidence and tools they need in order to effectively represent the organisation, build trust and communicate powerfully with clients and prospects. Practice managers can play a key role in creating a culture of powerful personal brands that support and elevate the organisation’s reputation.

New Work Consulting’s Director and personal branding strategist Julissa Shrewsbury works with law firms and other professional services to highlight their people as their real point of difference, and teaches them how to connect on a professional but ‘human’ level, both in person and online.
In this presentation, Julissa challenges you to look at the ‘gaps’: to understand the various ways your company brand is communicated – positively or negatively – through your people, and explore ways this might be assessed and addressed within your organisation. She demonstrates how a culture of strong personal brands can help create confident teams and business growth, and how practice managers can lead the way.
During this presentation, Julissa will discuss:
  • What is your ‘personal brand’ and why is it so important in a law practice?
  • Why build a team culture of confident personal brands? What’s in it for the company... and the individual working there?
  • How your personal brand is shaped, in person and online – with or without your knowledge!
  • Building clearly positioned, authentic personal brands to support the practice: Questions to define and differentiate personal brands of practice managers, advisors and staff
  • Where are the gaps? Understanding the various ways your company brand is communicated – positively or negatively – online and offline – through team members, and how this might be assessed within your organisation
  • Creating a marketing strategy that works for lawyers, using targeted networking, LinkedIn and online content
  • The challenge of ‘ownership’: Empowering, rather than overly restricting, how team members use their personal social media profiles

Presented by:

Julissa Shrewsbury


New Work Consulting

Julissa Shrewsbury is the founder and managing director of New Work Consulting, a specialist brand advisory working with professional service organisations on how their people represent themselves and the company brand, both online and in-person.

Julissa’s strategic approach to branding is about highlighting your people as your point of difference. Her method involves drawing out people’s key strengths and helping them communicate the value they bring to stakeholders, leading to stronger positioning, connectivity and visibility to reach individual and company KPIs.

To achieve this, NWC looks at how clear a brand’s messages are to internal and external audiences, and how well the brand is expressed through its people, at every level of the organisation. Julissa and her team also offer corporate personal brand development and training, as well as LinkedIn and networking strategy for executives and teams. Julissa has worked with businesses of all sizes, covering a broad range of industries such as accounting, finance, law, engineering, mining and business advisories.

Author, speaker, LinkedIn Influencer and Australia-wide thought leader in personal branding for business, Julissa regularly writes and speaks on topics such as personal branding for professional people, how to make an impact online, and how to use LinkedIn and networking in strategic and targeted ways to build real business relationships. She has presented for The Singapore Institute of Directors, the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and the Australian Institute of Management WA, as well as the Association of Financial Advisers, RSM, HLB Mann Judd, Subsea Energy Australia, Independence Group (IGO) and lawyer CPD programs.

Her articles and commentary have been published in various print and online media, including The Australian Financial Review’s BOSS Magazine, and she has been interviewed on radio programs and online podcasts. Her new book, a comprehensive how-to manual for professional people is entitled, The Powerful Personal Brand: Amplify your profile, communicate your value and own your space.

Julissa is a university-qualified (B.Ed, B.Arts) educator with close to 20 years’ experience in the field, having taught people of all ages and backgrounds. She uses her understanding of education psychology and inclusive education programming to create and deliver exceptional learning experiences. Her experience as a business founder and her work with hundreds of businesses means all her presentations are practical and implementable. With a thorough but warm approach, including anecdotes, insider tips and lots of visual examples, Julissa’s presentations are fun, fast-paced and very informative.

The first of her family to be born in Australia, Julissa is a proud Argentinian-Australian and explores the subjects of migration and culture in her personal creative projects.


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