Personality Profiling - The F Word!

12:30pm Tuesday, 10 March 2020
2:00pm Tuesday, 10 March 2020
Macquarie Bank - Manjaree Room
Level 16, 240 St Georges Tce, Perth
Perth, Western Australia 6000
Do you wonder why you see the world rather differently than your boss? Do you get frustrated by how others communicate with you? Do you sometimes feel you are the only one reading a situation the right way? Well you are wrong on all counts. It is just that you are not fully understanding the personality profiles of others. Join Brian Briscoe on 10th March and learn which F word you are, which F word others are, and how you can be an expert in all of the F words!
This is a highly interactive workshop that gets people on their feet, understanding themselves and others in the room. It provides great tools as to how to identify a personality and how to communicate effectively into the desires of the receiver, rather than broadcasting out of your own personality. Highly acclaimed workshop, a great energising session/ice breaker that delivers loads of laughs, self-analysis and awareness.



Brian Briscoe

Managing Director

Briscoe Search and Consulting

Arriving in Perth in 2000 knowing absolutely no one in this town as a 24 year old from Ireland, Brian has grown his brand and his business in to one of the most respected in the “People Consulting” sector of HR, Executive search and recruitment. With over 40 staff and over 100 contractors in his group at one stage, Brian has successfully built, led and sold businesses over the last decade plus.

A passionate, articulate, knowledgeable and entertaining speaker, Brian doesn’t just engage an audience, he hand-delivers the invitation, packs their bags, stands them up, and piggy backs them on a journey he calls ‘the people-game’. He guarantees your group will be able to walk back into their work environment the very next day and put into practice immediately what they have learnt from his workshops. As an MC he will be instrumental in bringing an event together, keeping the room full of energy, laughter and authenticity.

Professional Development

1 CPD Unit - Practice Management 
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