Course Abstract
Emeritus Professor Margaret Jackson highlights some of the key considerations for maintaining privacy and protecting information in a digital world.  

The use of technology within the workplace is continuing to rapidly change and the line between personal and business use is becoming blurred with more work places contemplating or implementing BYOD policies.  More of our business platforms and applications are becoming cloud-based, which may create concerns around protectingcritical business and client information.   

Topics include:

  • The growing use of mobile devices in the work environment
  • How to manage Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) and other variations (COPE and CYOD)
  • Issues of commingling of corporate and personal data and resulting privacy issues
  • Tips on developing and implementing mobile devices policies
  • Cloud computing and protecting data - what does this mean for clients?
  • Recent developments in privacy and data protection
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Emeritus Professor Margaret Jackson
Technology & Knowledge
Systems management
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AUD $99.00