Course Abstract
This session will challenge law firms to effectively adapt to changing market dynamics. Learn what the latest research show about culture in service firms and arm yourself with the knowledge to challenge current thinking on the importance of business development and culture in being a market leader.

Market Engagement and Mindset Shifts for Service Firms

This seminar is a must for law firm managers who are focused on understanding and changing the culture of their firm.  It will help you to understand the importance and how-to of driving a constructive work culture in order to get the best out of people and improve competitiveness within a disrupted market. Historically, many law firms have a challenging culture – they compete vs cooperate, are highly perfectionistic, and can be overly critical and highly controlled work cultures that lead to disengaged team members, long work hours and burn out, which ultimately leads to high turnover and volatile financial results.


  • A new take on workplace culture and how to determine what’s driving yours
  • Why traditional mindsets, attitudes, beliefs and models on marketing and business development are in need of an overhaul
  • REAL examples of culture change and how a change in mindsets and business development approaches created the turnaround
  • Practical strategies that are simple, cost effective and high impact

The session is lead by Mark Jeffery, Managing Director, ODG Solutions who is joined by two experienced leaders who bring valuable insight from their experiences of driving culture change.


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1 hour
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Audio with slides
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Mark Jeffery, Managing Director, ODG Solutions
BD & Marketing
Business Development & Sales
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AUD $99.00