Course Abstract
This session revisits a suite of tried and proven tools and techniques to assist participants to determine where they should be investing effort as well as identifying traps that can reduce the productivity of their colleagues and their business.

As our world and markets become more globalised, competitive and turbulent, organisations of all shapes and sizes are having to review the way they conduct their business to find new ways to enhance performance and productivity.  Topics covered include:

  • Clarifying your work focus…the yes, no and maybe of performance
  • Understanding value…not all pigs are equal
  • It has to flow…identifying the hidden waste traps 
  • Discipline pays…the loose tight system
  • Planning for chaos…it is a madhouse out there
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1 hour
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Audio with slides
Course Provider
Scott Way, Director, Industrial & Organisational Psychology, BDO
AUD $99.00
AUD $99.00