Having difficult conversations: Let's break it down
Course Abstract
ALPMA webinar recorded 18 March 2021. CPD = 1 point/unit (Professional Skills) Purchasing this content will provide you with Part 1 and Part 2 of this topic.

No-one wants to have a difficult conversation. Lawyers seem to have great talent for avoiding them.

People are afraid of what might come up, too busy to prepare and do it properly or just not trained in some of the basics.

We plan and make time for so many other things in the workplace, surely it’s time to get better at this important part of staff/team management.

This session will;

  • Look at what high-performing teams to do well “Psychological Safety” and why this is the foundation to better conversations
  • Provide a proven 5 step process for preparing for and having a “difficult conversation”
  • Review use of templates/checklists to help prepare
  • Consider the “Three Levels of Conversation” and the “Three Core Identities” and how they influence our conversations
  • What’s holding us back? Why are some people “difficult”? Overcoming “fear”
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CPD: Professional Skills
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1 hour/unit
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Webinar recording
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Cathryn Urquhart
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Mar 2021
Professional Skills
Professional Skills
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AUD $79.00