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As we all know the legal profession is in the middle of a perfect storm.  The advancement of artificial intelligence and other technologies is commoditising much of what law firms have historically been charging for.  The big 4 accounting firms are aggressively building global legal practices.  Variable economic conditions also mean that many organisations in the public and private sector are wanting more for their legal spend and this we have seen the rise of the procurement function and on an increased focus on price.  

This gives firms two options, keep doing what they have always done, be a victim of circumstance, bid for everything and join the race to the bottom, or change the way they operate, add more value to clients and grow their standing in the business community and their profits.

In this session we will look at:
     1.  The driving forces of change
     2.  What legal and other professional services firms around the world are doing to address the change
     3.  Making sure you are dealing with the person at the client who is not as focussed on price
     4.  Understanding the type of relationship which negates a focus on price
     5.  Identify the value that clients are looking for 
     6.  Getting meeting with the right person about the right subject


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1 hour
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Video with slides
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Keith Dugdale, Business of Trust
BD & Marketing
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