A Fresh Approach to Performance Appraisals - QLD March 2018

A Fresh Approach to Performance Appraisals

It's time to flip your feedback!

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Recording Date: 21-Mar-2018

Recording Type: Video + Slides

Sally Foley-Lewis

Sally has spent the last 20 years coaching, mentoring and developing people to be more productive through building their people and team skills and being more effective with their task management. Particularly working with middle managers, team leaders in large corporates and associations in Australia and overseas, as well as employers in small to medium sized businesses.


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Feedback! We all want to know how well we are doing or if there’s anything that needs addressing yet we so often dread the process. The awkward conversations, the complicated forms, and the arduous processes: if they’re not dead boring then they are usually anxiety producing. They were no doubt created to help companies have meaningful and robust performance appraisals but they have done more damage than good.

In one conversation with a HR Officer, he noted that he had to remind some departments up to a dozen times to get their annual reviews done! (What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over expecting a different outcome!)

We know why they’re avoided or dreaded so it’s time to flip your feedback!

Feedback conversations do not have to be like a trip to the dentist (without the pain killers). The whole performance appraisal system can be employee driven. In this session Sally will show you how to make feedback conversations simple and effective using the E.E.C.C.™ method and how you can create a performance appraisal system that is employee lead, engaging and productivity boosting. If you’ve seen Sally speak, you know she brings the gift of insight, humour and actual give-aways!


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