After Action Reviews

After Action Reviews

How to enable quality continuous performance conversations

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Recording Date: 02-May-2018

Recording Type: Video + Slides

Ray D'Cruz | CEO | Performance Leader

Ray D’Cruz is the CEO and Co-Founder of Performance Leader, a company that implements performance management and learning management technology for professional service firms.

Ray is a former lawyer and head of L&D, and has consulted to over 50 firms in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US. 

He is co-author of Performance in the Professions 2015, published by Managing Partners’ Forum.


After Action Reviews (AARs) are structured debriefs where project team members discuss what worked, what didn't work and what should be done next time. Pioneered by the US military, and now used by many corporations and NGOs, the application of AARs in law firms remains limited, with just 15% of firms undertaking regular AARs. 

This session examines the case for AARs as a powerful tool to improve productivity, collaboration and innovation. We'll also share how to make them work in your firm, including overcoming cultural barriers.

CPD: 1 CPD Unit/ 1 NZ Hour Practice Management & Business Skills

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