Pro Bono - The Benefits and Challenges NSW Oct 2017

Pro Bono - the Benefits and Challenges

How to promote a Pro Bono Culture in your firm - A Panel Discussion

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Recording Date: 18-Oct-2017

Recording Type: Live Streamed Event

Heidi Nash-Smith, Partner, Wotton + Kearney

Heidi is a passionate advocate of pro bono and community services and her passion is contagious. Her strategic approach to effectively engaging the busy partners and staff of Wotton + Kearney to give of their time and skills speaks volumes about Heidi’s leadership skills.
Heidi joined Wotton + Kearney as an insurance lawyer in 2010. At the time Wotton + Kearney did not have a formal pro bono program, so Heidi volunteered outside work at a CLC. A year in, Heidi wanted to do more, and through consultation with the partnership it was agreed that Heidi would establish a pro bono and community program within the firm, called “Community Footprint”.
Heidi has worked tirelessly to shape the firm’s community initiatives since 2012. In recognition for her efforts, she was appointed Partner in July 2014, and in February 2016 moved into a dedicated role, focussed solely on managing and growing Community Footprint.


Join our panel of lawyers discussing the benefits of Pro Bono work to their firms, the challenges they have faced and how to go about promoting a pro bono culture in your firm.  

CPD: Earn 1 CPD Unit/1 NZ Hour. Practice Management and Business Skills

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