Design Thinking for Law Firms

Design Thinking for Law Firms

How Might We better understand our clients’ needs to reimagine how we can add more value?

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Recording Date: 28-Nov-2017

Recording Type: Audio + Slides

Dee Roche, Senior Management Consultant

Dee Roche FAIM Senior Management Consultant AIM WA+UWA Business School Executive Education.  Dee is a certified ‘Design Thinker’, MBTI administrator and a learning and development practitioner (CLDP). This includes training design, development, implementation and review of a wide range of State, National and International professional development programs. 

As a Senior Management Consultant, Dee has been facilitating, public speaking, teaching and working with groups for over 25 years within private, public and community based organisations. Dee currently lectures at the University of Western Australia Business School on the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program, focusing on Strategic Change and Transformation.

Overview: Increasingly complex times make innovation and collaboration vital to all types of business. Innovation and collaboration are essential components of Design Thinking – effectively integrating the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success. 

Design Thinking is a contemporary and innovative approach to devising strategy and managing change. It helps people and organisations cut through complexity, innovate, imagine the future and drive a more thoughtful, human approach to business.

It has enabled some of the world’s most successful companies to continuously innovate, adapt and grow - think Google, Apple and Airbnb.

Stanford Law School has in fact integrated Design Thinking into the curriculum - taking a creative, experimental, and user-centred approach to how legal services are provided. 

Some of the best new services and products are the result of collaborating directly with clients who can provide an invaluable perspective into what really matters to them, resulting in solutions with greater buy-in and support as well as deeper and more enduring relationships. 

User-driven legal process design has the potential to radically change the delivery of legal services.

Our presenter Dee Roche, is a high energy ‘Design Thinker’, trained in methods developed by IDEO ExperiencePoint, a collaborative training partnership. During the presentation Dee will: 

  • Discuss the process of Design Thinking and its importance in changing environments
  • Demonstrate how the Design Thinking approach creates and accelerates better solutions to the complex challenges facing business and society
  • Share a range of human-centred creative design tools to deliver new breakthrough ideas 
  • Show how to assume a ‘Beginners Mindset’ - imagining the ability to turn abstract ideas into practical applications around a challenge that small to medium sized law firms are facing

CPD: Practice Management CPD 1 unit/NZ 1 hour

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