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As the legal landscape is changing, so must the leadership and culture

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Recording Date: 10-May-2017

Recording Type: Video + Slides

Petris Lapis B Com LLB LLM FIPA FFA - Director. Petris Lapis Pty Ltd

Petris has a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Laws. She has also trained as a Master Results Coach, Master Performance Consultant and a Master of Ericsonian Hypnosis.
She has worked in the taxation division of one of the world’s largest professional organisations, in banking, been a University law lecturer, an author of legal text books, the director and senior trainer of a tax training organisation , a senior trainer with the world’s leading corporate mindfulness organization and the director and senior trainer of a soft skills organisation. She has consulted to the corporate, government and non-profit sectors. She has provided training programs for some of Australia’s largest service providers across a range of industries and coached/mentored senior business executives.
She has been a Committee member of a number of professional bodies and contributed to their education programmes as a presenter, author and advisor. She has published a number of books and hundreds of papers. She loves warm sunny days, rowing, great food and laughter.


Our legal landscape is changing with digital disruption, other professionals targeting the space of trusted adviser and new ways of conducting business. As it changes, so must our leadership and our culture. Come and explore the new paradigm of mindful leadership and culture for law firms. What does it look and feel like? How does it work? What are the benefits? Discover for yourself how it can be done and what it will take.


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