Presentation Skills: How to talk like TED!

Presentation Skills: How to talk like TED!

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Recording Date: 19-Sep-2017

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Paul Puckridge, Author | The Success Institute

My training and coaching help managers, team leaders and supervisors:

  • Understand that they have two roles; to manage (their tasks) and lead (their people).
  • Develop greater self-awareness of how their personality and behavioural style affects and influences they way they manage and lead.
  • To use proven frameworks to achieve their objectives and tasks, and to be the leaders they are capable of becoming
  • The 7 Pillars of Management (2-day management and leadership training)
  • Improving personal effectiveness
  • Developing emotional intelligence


In this session you'll learn:

  • Why most talks and workplace presentations are boring and put audiences to asleep (or reaching for their iPhones)
  • How a TED-style presentation format goes against everything you've been taught about "public speaking", and why you must use this type of speaking style to get through to any audience
  • The 7 best presentation "hacks" used by the late Steve Jobs that made his presentations legendary (and how to use them for your next presentation)
  • (The secret sauce): How to craft any presentation using the 8-step power-talk method that guarantees your next talk will be your best ever!  


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