Strategy - Looking for your Sweet Spot with John Hale

Strategy - Looking for your Sweet Spot with John Hale


Strategy - Looking for your Sweet Spot with John Hale

Date: 23-May-2018

Can you say what your strategy is?


Strategy - Looking for your Sweet Spot with John Hale


Wednesday 23 May 2018

Start Time

12.30pm AEST

End Time

2.00pm AEST

Event Location


Host Venue Details

Kindly hosted by Alliance Partner 
Queensland Law Society 
Level 2, 179 Ann Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Event Overview

Profitability arises from two sources. The first is industry attractiveness, which in the case of the Australian Legal Market has been one of stagnation and decline. The second is value differentiation, and this is currently being driven by price-competition, client switching, specialization, process/collaborative and cognitive technologies and new entrants. There is also growing market share competition at the top end of town. All law firms must keep moving. Winning moves help us stay profitable. Losing moves mean we may not survive. Deciding not to move, is a valid move, if it is done consciously. Firms who ‘fall asleep at the wheel’ erode profitability and may join the ranks of those that disappear. Today, more than ever, firms must be customer-facing, have a unique and unbeatable value proposition and become truly tech-savvy.

Join John Hale, Conference Speaker and Strategy Expert to understand what your next move should be. John will share the secrets to finding your ‘sweet spot’, how to craft a relevant strategic intent and why winning strategies change over time. He will reveal circumstances where winning requires either staking out new white spaces, revitalising old trails, exiting businesses, consolidating or slow continuing improvement.

John will help you:
  • Find your professional sweet spot and that of your firm.
  • Connect customer value to profit.
  • Choose the right strategic approach.
  • Learn the syntax of an effective strategy.

Event Sponsors

Presented By

John Hale, Hale Consulting Group

John Hale is a Conference Speaker and the Founder of Hale Consulting Group, a boutique strategy firm. As a Speaker, Strategy Expert and Visiting Professor, teaching MBA and Executive MBA students, John has a unique and valuable perspective on the creation of strategy. 

Professional Development

Practice Management CPD 1 unit/NZ 1 hour

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