RU OK? How to Ask

RU OK? How to Ask


RU OK? How to Ask

Date: 21-Aug-2018

RU OK? How to Ask


RU OK? How to Ask


Tuesday 21 August

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Russell Kennedy
Level 12, 469 LaTrobe Street

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RU OK?  Simon will talk about having that conversation with those we work with. Whilst it’s important that we care and look out for family and friends, it’s just as important we look out for our colleagues and workmates. Because by caring enough to ask a simple question, we might be starting a conversation, that has the potential to change a life.

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Simon Clark, Ambassador | RU OK?

Simon has worked in leadership roles for over 30yrs; managing and mentoring people and teams in some seriously high-stress industries. He knows first-hand the influence our state of mental wellbeing has upon us, both at home and at work. That’s why he became a community ambassador for the RUOK? foundation. Asking the question, and being ready to have a conversation are what Simon and RUOK? are both all about. 

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